Interest-free Credit for increasing sales by 1,000% in 24 hours.

Tired of struggling with the problems of excess inventory, low sales revenue, low cash flow, and/or losses? Looking to sell off all your excess inventory?

You know how most companies find themselves holding excess inventory and some- times liquidate them for pennies on the dollar and typically realize only 10 to 40% of the book value?

What we do is to buy off your excess inventory at the full retail value in 24 hours using sales and purchase credits. We then resell the products through our global network of trading partners and distribution channels in 150 countries.

In return for buying all your product inventory, we gain the right to pay for needed products and services, on your behalf using sales and purchase credits.

We will pay for the products and services that you need or/and have budgeted for in cash, on your behalf. For example, one of our clients had an excess inventory for which his cost is $250 million and he received purchase offers only as high as $140 million.

He was unwilling to take a $110 million loss. We paid him the full $250 million within 24 hours for his inventory, in exchange for him placing a predetermined portion of his upcoming expenditure through us.

Whether you need a one-off service to resolve your excess capacity or inventory challenges within 24 hours, an ongoing enterprise-wide solution or support for plant closures, project cancellations, or full-scale liquidation events, our expertise, comprehensive services, partnership capabilities, and a global network of trading partners have you covered by our sales and purchase credits. This exclusive service is available to members of the World Trade Exchange.

To become a member of WTE, you’re required to pay a small membership fee and sign a membership agreement. After signing the membership agreement to safeguard the integrity of the WTE transaction process, members will find trading on the World Trade Exchange straightforward and uncomplicated, with no disruption to other business processes.

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