Why Start A Bank?

When you own a bank, you can:

Raise Unlimited Financing: $10M to $100B, No Repayment!

  • Grant your businesses $10M to $100B credit that you don’t have to pay back. No credit limit. No credit check. No collateral security. 100% guaranteed approval. No repayment.
  • Provide $10M to $100B business credit to other companies without using your capital. AI Automation Agency will provide you with a digital bank platform to provide up to $100B financing to your clients without using your money.

Make Millions Monthly: 10,000% ROI in 90 Days!

  • Make millions of dollars in income monthly by providing $10M to $100B in business credit to other companies.
  • Make a 10,000% return on your investment within 90 days.
  • Generate instant cash flow and profits from thin air using other people’s money.
  • Issue your credit cards, travelers’ cheques, and other monetary instruments.
  • Issue bank guarantees for both yourself and your clients.

Achieve Banking Control, Instant Tax Reduction, Global Trade Access

  • Perform countless financial operations that are usually reserved for major banks.
  • Control all the factors that affect your credit rating and obtain excellent credit scores. Imagine if you could control and dictate what your bank and national credit bureaus/credit agencies say about you.
  • Reduce your taxes to 1% and establish maximum bullet-proof protection for all your assets.
  • Facilitate international trade and payments between different companies.

Gain Infinite Power:  Limitless Credit, Anonymous Wealth, Global Influence

  • Create unlimited purchasing power, borrowing power, and 24-karat solid-gold business credit — at will, whenever you need it, and as much as you need it. As often as you need it. You can, quite literally, write your own credit line (or checks) to unlimited and dizzying levels. Your digital bank provides ALL the purchasing power you will ever need!
  • Move money from one country to another anonymously (online and offline). Whether the amount you want to move is $10M, $100M, $50B, or more, it doesn’t matter.
  • Command instant credibility, respect, influence, wealth, power, valuable business, and political connections everywhere you introduce yourself as a bank owner.


Traditionally, starting a bank requires tens of millions of dollars, a very complex bank licensing process, and the obligation to fulfill numerous capitalization and regulatory requirements, which could take over two years. Plus, there’s the risk of not getting approved. As a result, setting up your bank is more time-consuming, complicated, expensive, and a bigger hassle than you can imagine.



Unlocking Access to Banking: A Hassle-Free Investment Opportunity

You no longer need millions of dollars, previous banking experience, a university degree, a complex bank licensing process, or to fulfill numerous capitalization and regulatory requirements to own your bank.
100% of the work required to set up your bank is done for you. You don’t need to lift a finger to do anything if you invest via our service.

Effortless Banking: Your Bank, Our Expertise, 30 Days to Launch

We offer one-stop banking business setup services that handle everything required to set up your bank from start to finish within 30 days…so you can relax, knowing you’ve left your bank setup to the experts. We will set up your banking institution to legally offer credit financing and complete banking services to private individuals and corporations worldwide within 7 to 30 days.

Comprehensive Banking Setup Services: From Legal Entity to a $100B Credit Line

We will set up a legal entity for your bank or financial institution, a corporate office for your bank, a banking Website, bank corporate identity package, all administrative documents, legal tools, banking software, access to MasterCard® and VISA® card issuing and management platforms, BIC registration with SWIFT® for worldwide payments, partnership with existing banking infrastructure owners in 150+ countries, professional bank Management team to do 100% of the work in your banking operation and much more. But perhaps the best thing is that your banking platform will come with a $100M to $100B credit line.


AI-Powered Automation for Your Bank

We specialize in setting up fully automated, Artificial intelligence-powered digital banks. Utilizing the Bank Automation Bot, we streamline all banking operations, significantly reducing the need for extensive manpower and operational costs. This comprehensive automation extends across all functions, enhancing productivity, and ensuring regulatory compliance for a highly efficient, future-ready banking model.

Zero-Effort Bank Setup in 7-30 Days, 100% Managed

  • FASTEST BANK SETUP: We will set up your bank and make it operational within 7 to 30 days.
  • 100% OF THE WORK IS DONE FOR YOU: We will appoint a professional bank management team to do 100% of the work needed to set up your bank and manage your bank’s operations on your behalf. No work, effort, or time is required on your part at all. Invest, relax and get your functional bank up and running within 7 to 30 days.

Unlock $100B Credit & 10,000% ROI – Guaranteed!

  • $100M TO $100B LINE OF CREDIT FOR YOU: We will set up your bank with a digital banking platform that comes with $100M to $100B lines of credit, which you can use to finance your clients’ businesses.
  • YOU ARE GUARANTEED A 10,000% ROI: You are 100% guaranteed to get a 10,000% return on your investment through the digital bank platform.

Total Control, Full Protection: 10,000% ROI Guaranteed!

  • YOUR INVESTMENT IS 100% PROTECTED: If your investment underperforms, gives no ROI, sustains any losses, declines in value, or fails for any reason, IPP guarantees that you will get financial compensation of 100% of your initial investment plus the promised 10,000% ROI.
  • YOU HAVE 100% CONTROL: You will own and control the digital bank platform.

Bank Ownership Made Easy: No Experience Needed, Global Support

  • NO BANKING EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED: No previous banking experience and no qualifications are required to own your bank.
  • REGULATORY SERVICE: With our established regulator relations in 150+ countries, we can help you with the application for your banking license or credit union license, as well as setting up your regulatory reporting.
  • COMPLIANCE SERVICE: Our skilled team will assist you with the banking procedures and legal documents to ensure your business and your clients are compliant.

No Regular Banking Requirements To Meet:

No bank charter is required. No minimum paid-up, reserve or operational capital is required. No academic qualification or banking experience is required. No need to maintain a physical office to operate. No income tax, no capital gains tax, and no inheritance tax.  You can anonymously control your international banking business.

All-inclusive Digital Banking Solutions

Our all-inclusive digital banking solution on a unified database and cloud-hosted is built to offer Open Banking & API Infrastructure to use managed services or external partners. Variety of partner integrations are already available. We provide external connectivity to KYC & digital onboarding platforms, payment rails, credit/debit cards, regulatory, risk management, and more. Our exclusive partners are the best in the market and are ready to jump-start your banking business in the shortest time.


  • Keon Everett made a 10,000% return on investment (100-times his money) when he turned a $1 million investment into a $100 million profit in less than 30 days.
  • Kyran Milner invested $10 million in the 100X investment bank platform and made $1 billion for his company.
  • Edan Jensen made a $4 billion profit within 360 days by investing in the 100X investment bank platform.
  • Andre Baird multiplied his investment by 100X and received $950M in income within 90 days.
  • Kallum Sutton turned a 12-month income goal into $600M in income with a $6M investment.